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April Lawn Care Tips

April is quickly approaching and individuals are starting to think about their lawn and what they wish to do this year to improve their landscape. Some home and property owners are looking into lawn care services, as they find they need help in caring for their landscape. For those who wish to do this work on their own, J. Rick Lawn and Tree ( offers some tips for caring for the yard during the month of April.

Purify Your Water

Did you know that by planting turfgrass you can help purify any water that enters underground aquifers? Most people aren’t aware of this, but turfgrass is beneficial to the environment. The soil microbes and root mass of this grass serve as a filter that captures and breaks down numerous pollutants. In fact, turfgrasses are responsible for trapping up to 12 millions tons of dirt and dust each year that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. By covering a mere 2,500 square feet of land with this grass, a person can help to remove ozone, carbon dioxide and various other pollutants from the air. Furthermore, this grass releases oxygen, a necessary component of human life. These are only a few of the many benefits of installing turfgrass. It likewise produces a cooling effect, which helps save on air conditioning needs as well.

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Determine Watering Needs

Property owners need to be aware of how much water their sprinkler system is delivering and how much is truly needed. An easy way to do this is to take three cans with flat bottoms and straight sides and line them up in a row starting at the sprinkler system and moving them out to the edge of the spray. Turn the water on and leave it for a predetermined period of time, often half an hour. Cut the water off and see how much water is in each can. Use this information to determine if different areas of the yard are receiving the proper amount of moisture. If the outer edge isn’t receiving enough water but other areas are, compensate by overlapping sprinkler patterns to reach this area.


If you wish for help in caring for your property, contact J. Rick Lawn & Tree ( While they don’t mow or landscape a yard, they can be of great help in seeding or fertilizing a yard, aerating it, or providing insect and disease control for trees and shrubs, among other things. To learn about jricklawn and their services, visit the website today. Those who do so find a wealth of information that is of benefit to them, even if the services offered aren’t what they need. Check the site out today.

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